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We can cater to your marking & labeling requirements with a full range of Plain Labels, either as stock blank labels or in pre-printed form. We can offer these labels in variety of materials to suit printer options like thermal, thermal transfer or any other custom materials. Whether you are making pricing labels in a supermarket or shipping labels or asset labels or labels for any other industrial uses, we will help you get the right labels. We offer standard size labels off the shelf and custom sizes are available on demand.


We offer one of the largest selection of laser labels under the brand XEL-LENT. Designed to use in a multitude of inkjet and laser printers, our labels are the perfect solution for high speed printing requirements in office environments. Our labels are produced using high-quality label stock and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The wide selection of Xel-lent labels is available for shipping labels, mailing labels, labels for your products, for filing or anything in between.